Introducing OptiTester™,
an Add-on to HP Application Lifecycle Management



Enhanced visibility and analytics for better IT Testing management and performance

Introducing OptiTester™, an Add-on to HP Application Lifecycle Management

"OptiTester™ has become essentially a one-stop shop for a variety of information to manage the testing activities at CSX… As a result, our overall reporting and data quality have improved."

Brian Donor
Technical Director, Positive Train Control



OptiTester™ is an analysis and reporting tool that improves testing and change control processes through better usage of application lifecycle management software. For IT test leaders, architects and systems integrators, OptiTester™ enhances and accelerates the testing of interdependent systems.

In complex IT projects, HP Application Lifecycle Management (formerly named Quality Center) and other test management software platforms generate multiple views, often making analysis and reporting difficult, training-intensive and time-consuming. OptiTester™ features global visibility of all testing in one intuitive user interface. The web-based tool automates key functions to speed up testing and tracking, and to reduce error.

Access key analytics instantly through OptiTester™:

Version Analysis. What are the conflicting releases due to misaligned features or message versions?

Configuration Analysis. What requirements and other configurations need to be changed when a configuration item is changed?

Traceability Matrix. What is the impact on other systems when a requirement is changed? What needs to be retested?

Rosetta Stone. How does the same information change from system to system?

Test Management. What is the progress of testing and quality of a deliverable by release and by vendor? What high-level requirements passed or failed testing?


Why You Should Consider OptiTester™

Testing teams using OptiTester™ have achieved significant productivity gains, as seen in these two representative uses: analyzing the impacted requirements, use cases and messages due to a requirement change; and analyzing the test coverage and testing status of all use cases related to a particular functionality.

Because of OptiTester™’s ad-hoc search using intuitive screens, an initial search and filter takes less than one minute, plus only one click away for each report to be produced. Without OptiTester™, it took 92 hours to build a custom report and train a team of users, then 15 minutes for each report to be produced. Additionally, OptiTester™’s search is customizable and new users required minimal training.


Who We Are

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Based on our proven, agile project management methodology, Princeton Consultants will customize OptiTester™ according to your needs for better testing, planning and tracking.